Instrument collection

Here’s a collection of the period instruments I own.

Click on the images to get a better view.

Left: Soprano Shawm (Moulder) after Spanish original

Center Top: soprano recorders after originals in the Wiener Kunsthistorisches Museum (Rob Turner)

Center Bottom: Galician-style tambourine

Right: Bass dulcian (Junghanel) after Italian original

Left: Baroque bassoon (pitched at 415) was made by Guntram Wolf in Kronach, Germany in 2003. It is a copy of an anonymous instrument circa 1700.

Center Top: 415 Aesthe recorder

Center Bottom: Anonymous small tunable field drum

Right: French Baroque bassoon (pitched at 392) is also an anonymous instrument from circa 1700 made by Guntram Wolf in 2007.

Below: Moeck J. Steenbergen Soprano recorder 415

Classical bassoon is a copy of a Heinrich Grenser circa 1800.

Made by Guntram in 2005.

Modern bassoon is a Fox 601 made in 1999.

Modern bassoon is a Fox 601 made in 1999.



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